Saturday, December 09, 2006


“without division there is no growth” can be applied to everything from a simple cell that makes up our body to the conflicts that exist in our society today. I've questioned the inequality or un-equalness that exists on this earth that people may face without even knowing it, I would not have noticed this until my recent illness. I’m sure this has been said before but I do agree with the whole “we all have a purpose in life concept” whether it would be to become the next Bill Gates or the next bum on the street. it’s all for a purpose. Whether you live for 1 second or 100 years it doesn’t matter because it’s just a measurement of time(which I have also questioned). In society we say that it’s currently the year 2006 and we don’t seem to really think much more about it. The earth is clearly older than 2006 years. I recently just thought of what number was before year 0 (assuming it's year 2006), and how did someone come up with counting time and the whole calendar thing in the first place(supposedly about 40 calendars used in the world today!)? I've been trying to Google it and I feel the best answer which can start to explain this is "a calendar exists to organize units of time to satisfy the needs and preoccupations of society. In addition to serving practical purposes, the process of organization provides a sense, however illusory, of understanding and controlling time itself. Thus calendars serve as a link between mankind and the cosmos."
I really feel that there is a higher power that created man kind, that is one of the few thing that goes without question because we had to appear from somewhere or something. Going back to the quote “without division there is no growth” it led me to the other thought that yeah the reason why there is war and oh I belong to this religion or no this is right and that is wrong is because man became to question things in the first place. Since the beginning of time one man thought this and another that and hence the division into different beliefs and hence the quote “without division there is no growth.” If everyone agreed with everybody right from the beginning than man would not have made the progress that it has come to today.
You may question a higher power to why this has happened and why that has happened. it would seem silly to ask the higher power why he gave us the ability to question things in the first place. It’s just part of the creation of humans. Just imagine where we would be today if we didn’t have the ability to question things. Very little so called progression or evolvement would be made on earth.
But in the end nothing really matters. It doesn’t matter if you may become this or that or live this long or that long, ultimately all that matters in my opinion is the relationship that one may have with the higher power, it seems as if this is done in many ways and forms throughout the world today and no one really knows what’s “on the other side”
A priest once mentioned that(and we laughed but it’s true) he would rather become ill so that he has time to prepare and reconcile himself with the higher powers. It would also give you time to reflect on life and find your purpose. And one may say oh I’ll do that when the time comes that I get ill, but who is to say that you will get ill and not be the healthy guy who died in a car accident. I don’t know it may just be personal preference or idea but I would rather prepare for something just like you may want to prepare for that exam that one may write in school.
It has come to me to think back on my 22 years of life and I am very grateful for it. I pretty much got to do everything that I ever dreamed of which includes getting my commercial pilot license. One may think well you haven’t got to pilot this or that yet or go here or there yet but it can ultimately just be a ladder that you climb that may never end. Always striving for more success and satisfaction is seemingly what many humans may want to do but really my main goals in life have been achieved. And I may then ask myself than what is the purpose in my life, is that it or is there more to my personal puzzle? This only God knows.
It’s crazy how all this has been written but I am grateful to have the ability to question and appreciate the most simple concepts of what humans call EARTH.